Our first Community Make Days!

On the 7th and 8th May, the sun shone on our community coming together to start transforming the Old Library, Eastville. Our vision, to create a vibrant, social, community hub for everyone to enjoy and be a part of. And what a weekend we had!

We took on the challenge of upcycling donated furniture, sprucing up the bookcases, making mosaic signage, constructing a cafe counter and painting up the doorway, with plenty of kids activities and a delicious lunch to help us along the way.

Sanding furniture outside

Sanding down old furniture 

Painting the front doorway

Giving the doorway some much needed care & attention!

Mosaic Book Nook sign

We’re creating mosaic signage for our spaces – Come and read in our Book Nook!

 Upcycling furniture

Busy getting stuck into freshening up all our donated furniture

With around 30 people coming along to get stuck in on both the Saturday & Sunday, (and others popping their head in whilst walking past to see what on earth was happening in the “closed library”!), we have all been super impressed to see how far the word has already spread – donations of things coming in through the door, local people offering their services & skills and local blogger from Bristol Mums joining us to see what all the fuss is about!

Sanding the front door and railing

Sprucing up the outside – lots of sanding & painting to be done!

Constructing the Cafe Counter!

A great design & construction of the cafe counter – accessible, strong & here… still in pieces!

Wood and Cafe counter construction outside

And thanks to the beautiful weather and one of our wonderful team who brought along an Old Library celebration cake (and wine for the older ones!), we got to celebrate our first make days in style.


Thanks to everyone who came along, got stuck in and helped make this weekend really special. We look forward to seeing you all again next week (14th – 15th) for continuing with the transformation!

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