Outdoors & Garden: February, March & April 2017!

In the last few gardening & outdoor weekend sessions, we have been working out a way to make the garden projects more involved, help share what we are doing and looking for, and hope that more people might like to come along and transform the outdoor space at the Old Library!

Therefore Zoe has come up with a schedule for the coming months and sessions to help us get our heads around what needs to be done, what can be started at the work parties, and what can be worked on throughout the month!

FEBRUARY – Starting with work party on Sat Feb 4th:


Construction: Bring saws, hammers, saw horse, wire cutters, pliers, spades, wheelbarrow?

Gardening: Loppers, saw, secateurs

Materials: chicken wire, nails, hoop staples. (I will pick these up from B&Q on the way there)


Move the compost bin to the rear east corner of the garden, and reconstruct with a partially open front (halfway upish).

Build a large leaf mulch cage next to it with four corner posts and chicken wire or mesh sides, but leave room for a second compost bin (future project).

Using the timber from the pile create low edges around the existing beds in the front of the garden, e.g. a frame with posts at corners and plank bits along the edges that can be knocked into the ground about 1/3rd of their depth. These can be backfilled with available soil/leaves ready for digging in and planting up.

If you don’t feel like building stuff there is plenty of pruning of bushes that needs to be worked on too!


MARCH – Starting with work party on Sat Mar 4th:

Gardening: spades, forks, wheelbarrow?

Materials: wildflower seeds, any herbs or flowers people can donate (I have a small rosemary and a large sage)


Dig out 60cm wide bed alongside library side path for herbs and flowers, stack turf upside down under tree.

Clear, seed and rake wildflower area on front slope. Extend it if there is energy to do so and stack turf as above.

APRIL – Starting with work party on Sat April 1st:

Spades, forks, canes and ties

Outdoor paint and brushes


Plant up veg beds (ongoing) If people are able to grow on seedlings for this please bring along. I’m going to do some edible squash and beans.

Continue cutting down broken fence along boundary.

Decorate posts?


ZOE: I’m sure there is some flex in this, but it is good to have some objectives, especially as we enter the growing season. I also understand there are people unable to attend on Saturdays. We would certainly welcome any work they could do during the week or at home (bringing on cuttings etc) to contribute to the garden. I think these jobs will become more evident as the garden progresses!

We look forward to having you join us at the next outdoors & garden session on the 4th February! Do share any pictures of you in the garden before then, we are also hoping to get a potting shed soon along with a space to store some tools, fingers crossed!

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