Books & Our Library!


We have ample books within the Old Library, ready for you to read, borrow, swap & donate to! The fiction end of the Old Library includes sections including Crime Thrillers, Sci-Fi and is (almost) alphabetical, so you can quickly and easily find books to read, either in the Old Library lounge area and book nook, or to take home and enjoy at your own pace!


We also have many non-fiction books, including psychology, gardening, arts and crafts, travel, reference books, health and wellbeing, and a large childrens selection for you and your family to enjoy whilst in the library, alongside a large selection of local history. We do ask for these books to remain in the space, so please do come down and enjoy what we have on offer and get reading!


We don’t charge for books, and don’t have a library card system like the “official” libraries do, however, we just ask you take care of the books, bring them back when you are done, or swap them for others that similar readers may like! If you enjoy the book swap system or would like to keep a book, we would love you to think about making a little donation to the Old Library if you can!