IT, Wifi & Printing

The Old Library team has recognised that without the local council libraries, many people have lost access to the internet, printing and IT support. Therefore, our team have worked hard to fundraise to provide a number of computers, a printer/copier, and even FREE WIFI for you to use in the space.

All you need to do is login with your email or Facebook account, and you have access to the internet for browsing, word processing, printing and more. All we ask is that at busy times, you are considerate of others needing to use the facilities too or lending a hand if someone else is struggling. If you’re a whizz on computers, perhaps you’d like to offer your support on a more regular basis?

Printing costs

  • Black and White – 5p per copy
  • Colour – 10p per copy

Once you have printed from your station, the volunteers behind the cafe counter will release your print from the print station. We have kept the costs as low as possible for everyone, and have these charges so that we can fund the ink, printer lease and paper!