The Old Library Film Club

Your chance to catch great movies in a unique setting of the Old Library, Eastville! Bring your own drinks, snacks, cushion (chairs are available!) and friends and settle back and enjoy our varied selection of films.

Old Library Film Club – Autumn 2017 Brochure >>

The club will run on the final Friday of the month. In the Autumn that will be September, October, November; in the Winter it will be January, February and March and in Summer it will be May, June and July. Doors will open at 7pm and we will start the movie at 7.45pm. Themes will run in groups of three. As you will see in this leaflet our debut theme is 1970’s conspiracy thrillers. Future themes are set to include Sci-Fi, Westerns, Teen movies etc,etc.

There will be no cover charge. Any donations to support the Old Library will be gratefully accepted.

Each film will be preceded by a brief introduction and there will be an opportunity to discuss it afterwards for those who enjoy a little film chat. We are happy to take suggestions for future themes and indeed any way in which we can make things stimulating and enjoyable. We would politely ask you to switch off your mobile phones during screenings and to be mindful of your fellow movie lovers.


DEBUT THEME: 1970’s Conspiracy Thrillers


The 1970’s were a time of paranoia and fear. The threat of nuclear warfare hung over us like the sword of Damocles, the hippies had run to the hills in the wake of Charlie Manson and Altamont, the US were fighting an unwinnable war in Vietnam and Watergate shocked the world.

In the world of Film the studio system had collapsed and the rebels with a cause had been given a camera and a budget. With Easy Rider emerging in 1969 the tone was set and filmmakers like Scorsese, Coppola, Pakula and Pollack were essaying movies that threw all our certainties into question.



OCTOBER 27th – THE PARALLAX VIEW – See event page


The Old Library, Muller Road, Bristol, BS5 6XP e-mail
mobile (Jim Tickner) 07758 010491 for Film Club enquiries.

There is an age limit of 15 and over.