THINKTANK Friday’s: Open Your Mind, share, learn, inspire!

Want to learn, share, discuss & inspire? Need new ideas to open your mind, have a mindblowing experience you want to share with others, or have a creative conundrum that the power of people could solve?!

The Old Library “THINKTANK” is an exciting new venture for the sharing of ideas, knowledge and experiences. The remit is as wide as creation. One month, a celebration of a Kayak trip or the completion of a charity trek, the next, a philosphical discussion or a treatise on the demise of capitalism.

This is a free evening for those who want to learn, share, discuss and inspire. Everyone is welcome to join in, and if you have a subject, share or adventure to relate, get involved!

JOIN THE ONGOING THINKTANK DISCUSSIONS on Facebook – an online group to engage, expand & share. Continue discussions, share your content, ask questions & share new ideas for future ThinkTanks online.

How does it work?

The idea is to have a different topic each month, led by local people or groups who have something exciting to share with others. Perhaps you’ve embarked on a charity trek, or take part in an unusual hobby? Think you have a way of changing the world for the better and you need others to hear it, or maybe you have a thought-provoking philosophical challenge and want to discuss with others?

Be as creative, imaginative or thought-provoking as you like! Ultimately, it will be what we make it. If you have a subject to talk about, a film to share, or an adventure to relate, then we want to hear it, want you to share it and want everyone to get involved.

We will have facilities to play DVD’s and CD’s and a convivial atmosphere in which to share and discuss stimulating and challenging ideas. We also have a flipchart, plenty of tables and chairs, and can bring along a microphone & amp if needed!

When is ThinkTank on?

The plan is to start at 7.30pm on the first Friday of the month (Excluding April, August and December) and run until 9.30pm.

Speakers will have roughly an hour to present their material. A brief break will then be followed by a time of questions. As with Film Club and Board Games night, you can bring your own food & drink, entrance is free (a small donation is requested) and plenty of comfy seats are available!

How to Get Involved?!

The Old Library, Muller Road, Bristol, BS5 6XP

mobile (Jim Tickner) 07758 010491 for Thinktank enquiries, offers and suggestions.