Terms & Conditions of Hire

The Premises are available for hiring between 9am and 10pm (Monday-Sunday). The booked time must include preparation and clearing up time. Any changes to the booking must be made at least 5 days in advance to allow time to inform volunteers and invoice accordingly. A volunteer will meet you at The Old Library to open up and show you around, they will return at the end of your booking to lock up. Keyholders are all volunteers so please be prompt with arrival and leaving times.

Private parties: deposit and hire fees must be paid at least two weeks in advance of the booking. Once this hire agreement has been returned the group will issue an invoice, as soon as the deposit is received the booking will be secured.

Repeat bookings: Invoices will be issued on the 1 st day of the month for bookings that month, payment must be made no later than the last day of the month. Any late payments will incur a £5 charge per day. The Old Library is currently working hard to provide an accessible toilet and should have something in by the end of 2018.


Regular/ Repeat bookings

£10 per hour £15 per hour £50

One off hire for private parties, functions/ events (excluding weddings, please contact to enquire about such occasions)

£20 per hour £20 per hour £50

**(Mon-Fri daytime / Evening&Weekends / Deposit)


Your booking will not be secured until your deposit has been received. Your deposit will be held by The Old Library and will be refunded after the event by bank transfer.

Deductions will be made for:

  • Additional cleaning costs if the building is not left how it was found
  • Any rubbish left on site will result in a lost deposit.
  • Cost of repairs to the building or contents if any damage occurs
  • Additional time, at the hourly rate
  • Cancellation less than 7 days before the event
  • Storage of equipment left
  • Incorrect placement of tables, chairs, crockery and any other furniture or items from the library not found in their correct place


  1. The hirer must be over 18 years of age and be present on the premises for the entire period of the hire. The Premises should not be sub-let and must only be used by the hirer for the purposes approved by the Group in the booking form.
  2. The hirer shall, during the period of hiring, be responsible for the supervision of the Premises, protection of the building and contents, safety from damage or change of any sort., and the behaviour of all persons using the building.
  3. Children must be supervised at all times. Children are not to be left without an adult in charge at any time anywhere on the premise.
  4. All furniture and fittings: where decoration or additional fixtures are required, you may use only temporary arrangements needing no permanent fixing, which will not damage the Premises. All use of the Premises and facilities is subject to the users or hirers accepting responsibility for returning furniture and equipment to their original position, and for securing doors and windows of the premises as directed by the caretaker/keyholder. All users should also leave the Premises and surrounds in a clean and tidy condition (for example sweeping up and wiping down tables).
  5. Removal of all waste from the Premises: all rubbish to be removed from the site, including recycling,nappies and bin bags.
  6. Due to licensing, you may not sell alcohol on these premises. Temporary Event Licenses allowing the sale of alcohol are reserved for community events organised by the Group for fundraising activities, and other hirers are unlikely to be able to hire the space for the sale of alcohol, however special consideration may be made for certain activities.
  7. We have a small amount of crockery & cutlery available for hirers in labelled cupboards in the kitchen. We don’t have large numbers of cups, plates etc and anything more specific will need to be provided by the hirer. The Old Library runs as a cafe & public space during the week, and for stock & hygiene reasons, ask for hirers to not use our cafe items & crockery, stock, or any items found behind the cafe counter (including coffee pots, tea pots & trays).
  8. Proper supervision of car parking arrangements so as to avoid obstruction of the highway.
  9. Please note that you bring food and drink onto the Premises at your own risk. The Group cannot be held liable for any injury or illness resulting from your own food and drink. Please note that our insurance does not cover deep fat frying so we cannot allow use of deep fat fryers on the premises.
  10. Maximum capacity: On no account shall the maximum capacity of the Premises be exceeded (100 people).
  11. The hirer shall be responsible for informing their group of The Old Library’s emergency Fire Action Procedures and shall be familiar with the fire-fighting equipment available.
  12. It is the responsibility of any independent user group which uses recorded music in its activities, to check if it requires a licence from Phonographic Performances Ltd (PPL) and, if so, to obtain one. Hirers of the Premises are responsible for ensuring that the noise level of their function is not such as to interfere with other activities within the building, nor to cause inconvenience for the occupiers of nearby houses and property.
  13. No amplified music outside, acoustic music only.
  14. The Group cannot accept responsibility for damage to, or the loss or theft of hirers/ users’ property and effects. However, please report any damage, loss or theft to the Group, who will make best efforts to assist you in finding your lost property.
  15. Except in the case of trained guide dogs for the blind or deaf, dogs shall not be permitted inside the Premises, except for special activities and occasions (such as a dog show or similar).
  16. The hirer should bare in mind that the premises are situated in a residential area. Please ensure that noise is not made outside the premises and that the volume of music in the hall is kept to a reasonable level.
  17. The management reserves the right to cancel any hiring where necessary.
  18. The Old Library has insurance for the fabric of the building; it’s own equipment, staff, volunteers and users (where the fault lies with the association). Any equipment brought into the building is not covered and is the hirer’s responsibility. The hirer shall be responsible for insurance against third party claims that may occur.
  19. Complying with the Equality Act 2010, with particular regard to fostering good relations between people from different groups, promoting equality of opportunity between different groups and eliminating unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation, with due regard to people from protected groups identified in the Act.
  20. The Old Library is run solely by volunteers, the booking team don’t check the bookings emails everyday so please ask any questions at least a week ahead of your booking to avoid emails not being read.