6th May: in the Garden!

Just a brief update of what we got on with in the garden at our garden gathering on the 6th May, and what else needs working on moving forwards! Is there anything you can help with here?

On Saturday, there were 4 adults + 2 litte’uns along at the Old Library working on the outdoor space! We managed to:

  • Weed the beds
  • Plant some tomato plants
  • Clear up the grass ready for mowing (which Ben/Rufus did on Monday)
  • Started creating an outdoor garden noticeboard for us write up actions for others to get involved in during the month!
  • Water all the plants
  • Pick our first ever crop – a handful of radishes (which the kids tested out!) and a handful of potatoes… might not be overrun with veg yet, but it was a great start!

Steve England also popped his head in and showed us some of the wild foods growing in & around the garden… we’ve a full wild salad growing out there!

A few things we need to work on as an Old Library gardening team:

  • Getting a more regular group of people along to the garden morning
  • Have a midweek/interim garden session, perhaps weekly during the daytime?
  • Keep promoting the garden sessions (Facebook, email etc? Any ideas?)
  • Make some little signs to show people what’s growing – perhaps a craft idea in the Old Library?
  • Get some outdoor storage for garden bits & pieces – a secure lockable unit with shelves/space – perhaps we can have a look on Freecycle/Ebay etc? Keep your eyes peeled!
  • Working out a way of keeping the waterbutt filled up, perhaps with roof run off? Any good DIY’ers in the house!?
  • Finish off the garden fencing to be able to get rid of the orange temporary fencing

Do get involved in the garden group gathering on the first Saturday of every month, from 10am – 12noon (or longer!) and feel free to get stuck in any of the rest of the week/month, with some weeding, watering & planting!



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