Upcoming: Make & DIY Day – How can you help?!

So as i’ve probably reminded you a few times now, the next Make & DIY day is on the 18th March (a week on Saturday)!

I’ve been compiling a list of actions that we can pin up on the wall, hopefully with a person assigned to each so anyone coming along can get stuck in and know who to ask for what.

Have you some thoughts on other things that need to be done at the OL? Can you assist with any of the following? So far on the list we have:

Garden activities:
Other Outdoor activities:
  • Building a bin store – anyone able to pull together plans & material list?!
  • Creating a lighter sign
Indoor Build/DIY
  • Moving & putting together the rest of the Ikea donations from behind the sofa, building them if possible into the area behind the computers for storage? (Any thoughts/plans anyone can think of for this?)
  • Possibly building some additional cupboard storage?
  • Put handles on kitchen doors
  • Paint railings in loo & put up roller blind
  • Box in the heating pipe, especially around the kids space!
Crafts & Decor
  • Decorate back of last bookcase & create space for showing off the OL Tote bags
  • Create new bright bunting for hire end
  • Create lovely indoor noticeboards
  • Complete mosaics
Other things to make the day successful – some kids space/craft & perhaps some lunch to share?!
I’m hoping we can get some or lots of these things worked on, started or completed on the 18th and any time, hands or skills you can lend are hugely important to the success of the Old Library! Finally, if you can share this blog or the Facebook event and invite friends, family & colleagues so we can ensure we have as many people involved as possible to make this a success, that would be fantastic 🙂
Look forward to hearing from you all and seeing you on the 18th!!! Check out our last Make & Do day here >>



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