GoodGym Runs to the Old Library Gardening Club!

We had some fantastic support this Saturday 4th November at our regular Gardening Club at the Old Library, with Goodgym running a 4K run to join us in our gardening duties!


The team took on the tasks of clearing the undergrowth, brambles and sycamore saplings where we hope to establish our new children’s play space, and got the rake out to clear away huge amounts of leaves that we gather across Autumn time in the Old Library garden & across the paths. Goodgym were a fantastic team who just got on with any tasks necessary, and really helped tidy up and sort the outdoor space alongside our wonderful head of gardening, Zoe, who never has too many tasks for others to come along and take on!


The Goodgym ecologist Rich also found a frog in the undergrowth! Keep your eyes peeled and let us know if you find any more creatures lurking in the garden – maybe we can start a list!


Check out the Goodgym report on the morning here, to find out more about what they got up to and what other activities they get involved in.

Or find out more information about the Old Library Gardening Club, that meets every 1st Saturday of the month.



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